Virtualworx BSM v5.4.005

The In-World Sales Process

BSM Kiosk

In the virtual reality world of Second Life, merchants such as yourself derive income by selling their creations or products to other players in exchange for some amount of the local currency (Lindens). What you sell is part of your sales and marketing plan. However how you sell, how you control and monitor your sales, and how you deliver the products are the parts of the process provided by BSM. In other words, BSM handles presentation of the product, collection of the money, delivery of the product and record keeping of all transactions. In one simple, easy-to-manage system, every step of the sales process is handled for you.

But what can BSM do?

Customer Reward Program

The Customer Rewards Program is a way for you to give back to your customers. The three different levels are the tiers based on the total amount that they have spent in your store. The more customers spend, the more they should get in return for being a valued customer. This will make giving back to them 100% automatic. After the customer reaches one of the tiers, they will be credited back to their store account the percentage of the amount spent on transactions after reaching that goal. Additional rewards can given to group members as well!

Store Sale Setting

One of the newest features to BSM is the ability to activate a store sale on all your vendors throughout the grid. This will save you hours when you need to run say a 25% Off sale gridwide. Setting up your store sales requires you to log into the BSM website and click on the "Store Sale Setting" link located on the left side menu. To start your sale, you will change this value to the percentage of the discount for the sale. Thats it!

Automatic Redelivery

This feature allows your customers to have items that you have selected to be redelivered via the kiosk or from the product vendor. You set which items can be redelivered. This will save you time digging around check sales and more time on your work.

Kiosk System

It allows your customers to view their past purchases, check their credit balance and redeliver items that you have authorized for redelivery. The BSM kiosk is not only for your customer's use, but also a portal for the store owner to send product updates, notices, announcements and news to customers that have joined your mailing list. The kiosk is also the sending point for giftcards, updating your store logo and landmark, and a group inviter. It is truly a powerful tool for you to communicate with your customers. Communications with your customers can only work if they have added themselve to your mailings list ! This are rules from Linden Labs to avoid unwanted spamming!


Integrated system to allow your customer to purchase a gift for other residents. Customers may choose between a direct gifting method or a boxed version of your item. Products may be gifted without setting up seperate products for no trans gifting. The system gives the giftbox to the person buying the gift and allows them to give the box personally to their gift recipient. Give the item when you are ready for them to receive it. Very Personable.

Affiliate Vendors

Create your own affiliate vendors to get your stuff seen. You control the percentage, the authorization, which products, which servers, who, what and when your resellers may sell your items. No additional server needed. (Commission paid to BSM Core at a rate of 1% from designer and 1% from reseller)

Marketplace Plugin

Track your Marketplace sales right along with your standard BSM sales. One login, one location.

Web Sales Stats

View unlimited sales history of all your locations. The web sales database provides numerous tools to organize your data and view reports that maximizes the effectiveness of you sales data. Reports of tables, graphs and trends that includes breakdown of customers, products, locations and store/product profit averages.

Product Info Cards

Allows for an information notecard to be dropped into the server and dispense the card upon request from customers.

Demo Products

Allows for a demo product to be dropped into the server and dispense the object upon request from customers.

Networked Vending

Networked vending utilizes the ability to place your products into a server and vend you products throughout the grid. The advantages of implementing a network system is that it allows for easy updates in all your vendors throughout the grid with a single change and have access to all your products in one central location.

Store Credit/Gift Cards

Customers can purchase store credit or give gift cards. Credit system is all keyless based which requires the customers to never have to attach or wear card. Just buy the card and begin shopping. Cards work on any vendor that you have rezzed.

Email Notifications

Receive email notifications on all sales of your products to help you stay updated on your business activity.

Split Pay Option

The BSM system has a built-in split pay option with the ability to setup multiple split pays from specific servers, products and regions.

Automated Updates

Updates are made easy with the ability to update your server and vendors Live, directly from an Updater prim.

Full Tech Support

Technical Support is available from inworld or from the website. Support available for installations, features, recommendations, and feedback

Easy Setup

Setup is as easy as rezzing a prim. Simple naming allows for quick setup without having to load vendors from a website. Vendors and servers are fully customizable and will easily convert your current system and be online with minimal down time.