Virtualworx BSM v5.4.005

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can i write my sugestions, ideas and other things to for the V6 version?
I have found a bug, where do I report it?
Where is the HUD, am I supposed to have one?
I forgot my password and username, how do I login?

Setup Issues

How can i find the products from the designer where i have my affiliate pack from?
How do i setup Store Cards?
My servers were returned so I rezzed the servers back out and now it tells me that the name was already found on this sim. What do I do?
How do i set my own texture on the customer kiosk ?
I'm trying to setup my multivendors and they do not show up and no products are display on my products page.
How do I get the updates?
What is the RELAY SERVER and where do i need it for?